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I ask you.
What does a Democracy need to be able to certify its elections?
What does a voter need
to have assurance his or her ballot
is added to the table of ballots and the votes are summed correctly?

A purple finger ...

(voter can't verify vote
after leaving polls)
max_becherer_nyt050130.jpg - 4 Bytes
photo by Max Becherer, NY Times
An "I Voted" button or sticker ...

(voter can't verify vote
after leaving polls)
i-voted.jpg - 14760 Bytes
image by
"Sealed" printer spools
giving an illusion of security

(voter can't verify vote
after leaving polls)
DieboldTSx_prt.jpg - 51734 Bytes
annotated image of
Diebold Accu-Vote TSx printer and spool
by Black Box Voting, Inc
Open Code ...

(voter can't verify vote
after leaving polls)

Do method tabulate vote in memory
Do While Selected_R1/sum(R1A:R1B) < 0.51
    Do menthod flip vote to Selected_R1
    Do method tabulate vote in memory
End While

code by David Sadler
or, ...

A process,
supported by law, rules and regulations
allowing the voter to cast the ballot
in total confidentiality
then, confirm the ballot and votes
the polls have closed and
the official Table of Ballots
has been posted!

ballot83_sm.jpg - 52114 Bytes ibr_sm.jpg - 55809 Bytes vtable_p.jpg - 41268 Bytes
Portion of voted Ballot Itemized Ballot Receipt (IBR) Precinct Table of Ballots
showing Presidential race results.

vtot_cnty_sm.jpg - 72264 Bytes
County Table of Princints

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