From the Front Page [2002.04.11]
David Sadler For Congress 12th CD/Illinois


A campaign supporter writes the following:

The " War for Oil " has been much more devastating to life and liberty than drugs has ever has been.

The commercial --- If you use drugs - you support terrorism. BUT in reality --- If you buy a gallon of gasoline you ARE supporting terrorism.

The Saudi's, Iran, Iraq and most other Muslim oil producing states support terrorism through dollars, training and weapons.

[Name withheld]
Comment from the candidate, David Sadler

Oil supports terrorism - let's become energy self-sufficient

The writer's point about oil supporting terrorism is a very clear. Buying oil from Middle East oil producing states supports terrorism. Our nation's addiction to foreign energy supplies forces the U.S. to support the very terrorism with which we are supposed to be at war.

America must establish a twenty-first century Manhattan Project with the goal of making America self-sufficient in energy within ten years. It can be done. Those who say it can't be done need to get out of the way and let the doers in our society blaze the trail into the future.

Illegal drugs support terrorism, and a lot of other bad things

The writer's point about the war on drugs raises an issue with regards to the U.S. role in poppy production in Afghanistan post Taliban.

The Afghani Taliban had stopped the growing of poppies used to produce opium. Now that the Taliban is gone, the poppies are back with a vengeance. The American taxpayer is now going to pay farmers in Afghanistan NOT to grow poppies!

This is truly outrageous! Is it the policy of the U.S. government to pay farmers in California and Kentucky to not grow marijuana?! Why is the Afghani farmer so privileged? What in the New World Order is going on here?!