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Context photo taken from the Palestine Hotel showing the 'crowd' at the toppling of Saddam's statue.
Was this a staged propaganda event?
Remove American military personnel and the media from the crowd,
and how many jubilant liberated Iraqis are there?
I am pro-America, pro-defense and I support our troops.
Lies are lies, however, whether they come from the Clinton or Bush administrations.
A government that does not trust it's people with the truth is dangerous to the people and the nation.
A government that manipulates its people with lies is in need of change.
Do these images depict what the world saw on TV?
If not, why not, and do you even care?
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Image is everything. Get that tight shot to make the crowd look big.

marine_flag.jpg - 4398 Bytes US says flag incident was a 'coincidence'
By Kim Sengupta in Baghdad
11 April 2003

It was, by any measure, an astonishing coincidence. As the biggest statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad was pulled down "spontaneously" in front of the world's media, the Stars and Stripes which flew on the Pentagon on 11 September was at hand to be draped over its face.

The US army denied that the toppling of the 20ft edifice by a tank tower was stage-managed. It was a coincidence, they said, that Lt Tim McLaughlin, the keeper of that flag, happened to be present.

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UPDATE: 2008.04.10
"Baghdad - Ibrahim Khalil, who five years ago took part in the iconic toppling of a giant statue of Saddam Hussein in central Baghdad, said on Wednesday he now regrets taking part in the hugely symbolic event.

"If history can take me back, I will kiss the statue of Saddam Hussein which I helped pull down," Khalil told reporters on the fifth anniversary of the statue's toppling.

"I will protect the statue more than my own self," Khalil said in Firdoos Square alongside a monument erected where Saddam's statue once stood before US marines and Iraqis strung a chain around its neck and brought it crashing down.

"The action marked the end of Saddam's iron-fisted regime and served as a premonition of the dictator's own end on December 30, 2006, when he was hanged in Baghdad for crimes against humanity.

"... All my friends who were with me that day feel the same as me," Khalil told reporters in Firdoos Square, which was virtually deserted on Wednesday amid a vehicle ban in the capital imposed by the government to prevent insurgent attack...."

Source: Khalil regrets toppling statue of Saddam, AFP, 09/04/2008