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Blowing Away EPIC's, AAMVA's DPPA Smoke
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SCAN: Blowing Away EPIC's, AAMVA's DPPA Smoke

SCAN THIS NEWS 2.15.2002

SCAN: Blowing Away EPIC's, AAMVA's DPPA Smoke

Considerable mis-information and dis-information continues to circulate regarding grass-roots opposition to any " national ID " system. And frequently, a Washington-based organization located at " 666 Pennsylvania Ave " is quoted as if they speak for the entire opposition community. It is therefore necessary to once again set out in plain language the true nature of grass-roots opposition, which is not reflected by the Washington-based entity, and to counter some of the mis-information being presented.

The primary argument put forth by proponents of a national ID system is based upon the contention that some of the terrorist hijackers in the 9-11 attack used fraudulent identification documents to establish their " identity " which gave them credibility and therefore paved the way for them to carry-out their evil act. The conclusion drawn by proponents is that we now must " tighten up lax identification document standards " in order to prevent future attacks. This argument is flawed from its foundation.

Proponents and defenders of the national ID effort generally fall into one of two categories: (1) Companies and businesses which sell identification-related products or services; and, (2) Organizations which operate on contributions that are directly proportional to and dependant upon protracted public debate.

Articles and reports which continue to repeat these deceptive notions serve to add credence to the proponents and their arguments. Those who continue to repeatedly echo these false propositions are either: likewise proponents of a national system; beneficiaries of continued, protracted debate; or simply uninformed.

Here are some of the misconceptions and attempts at redirection-of-debate found in the referenced articles, and the counter-position held by ScanThisNews:


People who financially benefit from controversy frequently call for " wider public debate " over the issue. Such is the case with discussion of institution of a national ID. The organization (formerly?) located at 666 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC has been repeatedly quoted calling for national debate. ScanThisNews contends there simply is ~no need~ for public debate over establishment of a national ID system in the United States.

Any such proposals are unacceptable. There is no need to even explain why no debated is needed. ScanThisNews is opposed to debate over the merits (or lack thereof) of a national ID system.


From all publicly-available sources, it appears that all 19 of the September 11 hijackers possessed state-issued driver's licenses and federally-assigned social security numbers. Some articles repeat the claim that " 5 of the 19 hijackers " had " fraudulent " or " phony " licenses. The fact is that the " five "

in question actually possessed real, state-issued Virginia driver's licenses. They were not " phony " . There is question as to whether or not the terrorists obtained their license in their State of residence. Allegedly the 5 actually lived in the neighboring state of Maryland. But " identity " has generally not been an issue covered with regard to state driver's license laws is concerned simply because driver's licenses were not adopted, or presented to the public, as " identification documents, but were simply adopted to address the issue of driver competency.

Furthermore, according to Congressional reports, based on information from the Department of Justice, " as many as 13 of the 19 terrorists, who were on the planes on September 11, were in this country legally. " And all 19 hijackers had SSA-issued social security numbers. Most, if not all of the hijackers had bank accounts and credit cards which they used regularly.

The hijackers were totally " in the system " -- voluntarily! The fact that they were " in the system " is precisely why authorities were able to identify them so quickly, and determine in detail their activities prior to the attack! Clearly, any thinking person can see that no amount of " identity verification " can ever prevent some individuals from committing atrocities even though they are " well-identified " and " fully-credentialed " .


(3) THERE WILL NEVER BE " one gargantuan database, " WHICH SOME ARTICLES CLAIM AS BEING ONE OF " the most chilling objections " TO A NATIONAL IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM.

A false premise can only yield irrelevant conclusions. The contention that objectors' main concern is " one gargantuan database " is a false premise.

The grass-roots objection is to government authorized linking of multiple smaller databases of information. Anyone with access to a computer, and a little southern gumption, can verify that such linking is already quite well established and growing daily.


Proponents of a national ID system contend that the Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) " protects privacy " by placing limits on who can access personal information obtained from state motor vehicle records. However, the fact is, the DPPA does little to limit access while it requires states to make records accessible for a multitude of " Big Brother " -type purposes.

The DPPA grants federal authority over state-held driver records. The " limits " placed upon disclosure of records are irrelevant, it is the DPPA's " exceptions " and mandatory disclosures that are problematic.

Two of the organizations who are frequently quoted in the establishment news circles are EPIC and AAMVA. One thing these two organizations have in common is that both pushed for adoption of the DPPA.


One recent article claimed that, " currently, the only driver information that appears to be routinely stored in a central database is the National Driver Register, run by the U.S. Department of Transportation. " Again, this irrelevant detail is the result of the faulty-premise assumption that our objection is to a " gargantuan database. " A false premise can only yield irrelevant conclusions. The objection is over linking of, and access to, multiple small databases. AAMVA is currently developing database systems through its AAMVAnet operation to link all driver information. Data warehouses, such as Experian and Acxiom, already collect this data and federal authorities can access it instantaneously in association with credit information, employment and income data, property ownership, judgments, marriage status, and vehicle registrations.

(6) YOU WILL BE ADVERSELY AFFECED BY A NATIONAL ID SYSTEM One of the most offending contentions put forth recently is the notion that under the proposed national ID system, citizens won't be routinely compelled to present IDs in order to participate in normal societal activities. A recent " Wired Magazine " article seemed to be offering credence to this nonsense in stating that, " a federal appeals court ruled last December that it was unconstitutional for police to arrest someone for refusing to 'show an ID, saying [such arrests] violate the Fourth Amendment. " However, as a practical matter you already cannot engage in many normal activities without presenting an ID. It will be many times worse under the system being proposed. But furthermore, the court case above is not dispositive.

In another recent case in California, that State's Supreme Court ruled that police " may search cars if a driver fails to produce a license or registration regardless of whether the officer has a warrant. "


And just this week in Virginia a man has arrested and held " because of the uncertainty of his identity. " He is charged with " carrying fake identification " on a Virginia road near the Pentagon.



See: http://www.networkusa.org/fingerprint.shtml for some of the real reasons for grass-roots objections to any national ID scheme.

See also: http://www.experian.com/ Included among Experian's database services are:
* Online Income and Employment Verification
* National Vehicle Database with 300 Million records
* MetroNet " A customer locator tool used to find individuals. "

and http://www.acxiom.com

Scott McDonald

Social security is the bane of individual liberty. - SAM
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