David Sadler For Congress 12th CD/Illinois

Economy - State Government

2002.02.18: Ryan budget will include job cuts, Vienna prison's closing
2002.01.24: Prison workers storm meeting for food service contractors

" We are so dependent on the prison. Everything is based on the state because they've led us down that path. "
-- Kelly Harper on the possible closing of the Vienna, IL prison, 'A Major Blow To Vienna': Residents Shocked Prison Might Close (Southern Illinoisan 2002.02.19) --

     The state may be leading, but the people are following like mindless sheep. The people are choosing unwisely to have the government provide all jobs and all security. This is a mistake. We know where this road ends. We saw it in the Soviet Union, East Germany and Poland. Where is the country dependent upon the government for jobs that has prosperity and freedom for its people?
     We must begin now to reverse this trend towards becoming more and more dependent upon government for jobs. It won't be easy. Government controls nearly every facet of our lives. We are programmed to look to government for solutions, but they never come. Taxes go up and problems get worse.
     More and more people end up working for government. Soon there will be a rebellion by those who do not have government pensions. Why shouldn't every one have a government pension? And we aren't talking about Social Security.
     Why should judges, legislators and government employees have pensions so much better than the private sector provides? More and more people are going to be asking this as taxes continue to increase and as government continues to grow.
     The only way government can provide these great pensions to a select few is because government can confiscate under threat of imprisonment and property seizure the fruits of the labor of its citizens. If we give in to the temptation, we go down the road of the Soviet Union and East Germany. Let's not go there. Let's reverse this trend now before its too late. Privatize as much of government as possible - now!
-- David Sadler --