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2002.06.27: Supreme Court OKs School Vouchers
2002.06.27: read the full text of this opinion // ZELMAN, SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION OF OHIO, etal. v. SIMMONS-HARRIS etal
2002.06.27: Supreme Court Issues Landmark Ruling In Favor of School Choice
2002.06.27: Vouchers: On to the State Legislatures...

2002.03.03: Opinion- We are the 'public'
2002.02.25: Opinion- School choice vs. the 'ritualistic' // US Supreme Court
2002.02.21: Opinion- A choice that means a chance // US Supreme Court
2002.02.21: Voucher debate tied to balance // US Supreme Court
2001.10.15: Children schooled at home have better social skills

School Choice Websites
Milton & Rose D. Friedman Foundation
The Heritage Foundation

School Choice Funding Methods
Universal Tuition Tax Credit
Vouchers: Link not available.