Original story via email from Kuwait
David Sadler For Congress (2002) 12th CD/Illinois

Growing Impatient
By anonymous soldier - Kuwait
Via email

I'm growing impatient with those who spew we have no absolute set of moral values.

I'm beginning to abhor those who pledge " America must proudly proclaim its right and intention to protect its citizens, their liberty and their property. It must meet any threat with retaliation that pre-empts loss of American lives. " I will not support an America that pre-empts loss of American lives through 'shock and awe' and other types of pre-emptive violence. Arguably, many if not all our foreign policy challenges result from our decisions to use force regardless of its type against nations around the globe.

For a country who claims the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as inalienable bastions separating us from the world, America incites anger globally by her two-faced domestic and foreign policy. Our neighbors around the globe aren't blinded by our nation's propaganda and clearly see the hypocrisy between our action and our alleged values. So long as we spout freedom and democracy as justification for our pre-emptive invasions or attacks all nations will be wary, cautious, and sometimes aggressive toward us. The globe sees through our lies and sees us for what we are.

North Korea is simply behaving the way you and I would behave if we were placed in their shoes. Kim is not using North Koreans as shields, but is preparing North Korea for the future and attempting to protect its sovereignty against American whim.

I acknowledge my simplifications of the problem we face may lend itself to argument around the periphery of the issue. But, I strongly believe our national behavior is at the core of most of these challenges.

Reflect for a moment with Yeats. Focus on this: " A shudder in the loins engenders there. The broken wall, the burning roof and tower And Agamemnon dead. " -W.B. Yeats (http://www.poets.org/poems/poems.cfm?prmID=1366)

It may take some time, may take some further reading, may require us to revisit Agamemnon, but you will find one of his messages clearly: violence begets violence.

America's choice to violently shape the globe will continue to cause violence. America's choice to mask her actions with hypocrisy and lies will continue to lead to violence and distrust.

Force should only be used when your lip bleeds or the blood of countrymen seeps into our soil.