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open borders - a threat to national security

2002.02.20: Bush: End grants that offset migrant costs // hinders efforts to jail criminal illegal aliens

A comment from the candidate...

The federal government has failed for decades now to control access into the United States especially with regards to the U.S./Mexico border. The American people know this and express their opposition to the policy in poll after poll irrespective of the citizens' national or ethnic orgin. This is not a racial issue. It is a national security issue.

The federal government seems not to care. In fact, as the news articles posted and linked to here will show, the federal government seems determined to keep the border with Mexico open to illegal traffic regardless of its negative affect upon America.

This outrageous policy burdens the citizens of the United States with addtional strains and stresses. This anti-American policy damages all sectors of the economy and quality of life in America.

Open borders with Mexico has proven to be a national security threat. The federal government not only ignores this threat, but seems intent upon exaserbating the problem. Patriots are obliged to ask why the federal government would pursue this misguided and dangerous policy in light of the government's professed War On Terrorism and concern for the economy and well being of American citizens.

There is more here than meets the eye. No major media every holds the feet of our top administration, INS and Border Patrol officals to the fire on this issue. Every question is a softball put to these officials on this issue.

If elected, I will join forces with those voices already in Washington, DC who recognize and are willing to fight the national security and national well-being threat posed to America by this outrageous failure to defend our national borders.

-- David Sadler --