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The Energy Model Must Change
David Sadler For Congress (2002)
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Exotic Energy

Technological Overview

"Since 1900, significant advances in electromagnetic theory and innovative ways of generating electric power have occurred. These developments have been largely unheralded, ignored or actively suppressed. AERO has identified a very extensive portfolio of information, designs and scientists who are experts in this area.
"These technologies are numerous and summarized elsewhere, but in summary fall into three broad categories:
" Transitional Technologies: These are systems that significantly increase the efficiency of existing internal combustion/fossil fuel systems. For example, several independent groups in the AERO network have developed computerized electrolysis systems that inject Brown's gas (hydrogen and oxygen) from water by using a car or truck's alternator for the needed electricity, resulting in an 80% decrease in emissions and up to 100% increase in fuel efficiency. A Chevrolet Tahoe SUV was obtaining 32 mpg, up from the usual 16 mpg, using this system. This process is in the beta-testing phase currently. It should be noted that most pollution from existing cars and trucks is due to the very low efficiency of the internal combustion engine (ICE), which generally only converts 20-30% of available energy in gas or diesel to power. The above system greatly increases this efficiency, cutting in half fuel usage and greatly reducing pollutants.

"Other scientists, using a multi-phasic electronic signal, have been able to electrolyze water into Brown's gas using very low power, thus closing the loop on the system while running a power load. (That is, they have been able to run the electrolysis system while also running a generator powering an external load.) Since the average home in America creates 400 gallons a day of waste water, which is mostly grey water and not sewage, all the power needs of a home can easily be met by such a system. The exhaust is water vapor, which can be collected, condensed and re-used for further Brown's gas creation.

"These systems can also be used to inject Brown's gas into coal, diesel and oil based power plants to greatly decrease pollution and increase efficiency.

" New Electromagnetic Generators: These are generators that use unique circuitry to tap into the so-called zero-point or quantum vacuum energy located in the space around us. As far back as 1902, Nicola Tesla and Nathan Stubblefield demonstrated the ability to create a rotating magnetic field that accesses this environmental energy that is located in any given volume of space. The result is an off-the-grid system that uses no fuel to run the system. This so-called environmental 'free energy' has been proven scientifically to exist and AERO is working with the most accomplished physicists and engineers who are building these systems. These technologies have the potential to completely replace all current oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power generating systems. They use no fuel and cause no pollution. Energy costs are zero once the device is built and operational. The electric utility grid would be unnecessary using such a system, since each home, business, office, etc., could have its own power generating capability. Using nanocrystalline materials, solid state devices are possible that may eventually be able to power any object that needs electric power.

" Electro-gravitic/magneto-gravitic propulsion: Beginning in the 1920s, T. Townsend Brown and others experimented with high voltage systems that resulted in mass cancellation or so-called anti-gravity effects. By the early 1950s, documents prove that these systems became highly classified, where they remain today. Nick Cook, researcher and writer for Jane's Defense Weekly, provided an in-depth expose on this subject, and subsequently wrote the book "The Hunt for Zero Point". We have identified scientists who understand the physics underlying this new propulsion and energy generating technology and which can now be developed for peaceful energy use and transportation. The adoption of such systems will replace jet engines, rockets and other forms of aerospace transportation systems. Since the energy used by such systems is acquired from the zero point or quantum vacuum flux field, there is no fuel payload and no pollution. Energy costs are zero."


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