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The Energy Model Must Change
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Cold Fusion


Rossi Cold Fusion Generator: (Google ... Rossi Cold Fusion Generator, Rossi Energy Amplifier, Rossi Catalyzer)
"We have passed already the phase to convince somebody. We are arrived to a product that is ready for the market. Our judge is the market. In this field the phase of the competition in the field of theories, hypothesis, conjectures etc etc is over. The competition is in the market. If somebody has a valid technology, he has not to convince people by chattering, he has to make a reactor that work and go to sell it, as we are doing."
-- Andrea A. Rossi, forum comment to to JANUARY 15th FOCARDI AND ROSSI PRESS CONFERENCE, journal-of-nuclear-physics.com, January 16th, 2011 at 4:01 PM --

> Cold Fusion getting hot with 10kw heater prepping for market
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Video: Heavy Watergate - The War Against Cold Fusion / cold fusion documentary showing suppression of real science by official science
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