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David Sadler supports
  • a sovereign United States of America,
  • the U.S. Constitution intact and in effect,
  • the Bill of Rights - all of them,
  • a public education system that actually educates the public & offers choice to parents, guardians and students to preserve essential rights & freedoms; that provides for our teachers a professional career in teaching instead of being control officers and medical personnel; that provides to the tax payers a return on investment for their educational tax dollars and provides a competitive mechanism to apply downward pressure on ever rising property taxes, bond referendums and other means of funding the public school 'system' and that provides for America a pubic education system that does its job of preparing our students for the challenges of the twenty-first century.
  • national self-sufficiency in all infrastructure necessary to sustain our national security in a hostile world. This includes defense, energy, food/water, transportation, communications and critical industries such as farming, shipping, aviation, space, steel & computer chip / computer assembly to name just a few,
  • national self-sufficiency requires the reversal of the so-called 'free trade' policy that is deindustrializing our national, making us dependent upon foreign sources for our manufactured goods and which destroys our good paying manufacturing jobs in America. 'Free Trade' must be replaced with 'Fair Trade' which will rebuild the national security requirement of a national manufacturing base.
  • replace the imperialist and global police policy of the New World Order with the Natural World Order which will respect the sovereignty of other nations and the dignity and self-determination of other people.
  • limited but effective & efficient government,
  • a lean but effective national defense & intelligence community,
  • a just, honest & non-politicized law enforcement community & judicial system,
  • open government laws intact & in effect so the people can know what their government is doing so the people can hold their government accountable and so the government can not exploit the people's ignorance of their own affairs. This includes a strong Freedom Of Information Act with constitutional separation of powers & checks and balances intact and in effect,
  • secure borders & an immigration policy that does not destroy the 'beacon of hope,'
  • respect for life, liberty, property & the pursuit of happiness,
  • the right of parents and guardians to direct the upbringing of their children,
  • domestic laws & foreign policies that do not differentiate between 'terrorism' & 'human rights abuses,'
  • a foreign trade policy that does not deindustrialize the nation & deprive Americans of good jobs & our high standard of living,
  • a national understanding regarding entitlement issues including food, shelter & healthcare,
  • a national understanding regarding privacy issues & the threat that our approach to perceived threats may pose to our Constitutional liberties,
  • a national understanding regarding 'brave new world' issues including genetic research, cloning, human organ harvesting, genetically modified foods & state sanctioned drugging of American school children.
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