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Candidate Survey Appendum

by David Sadler

January 18, 2002
January 22, 2002 (web version revised)

Attn: Mr. Donald Schaefer
BIFEC - Business and Industry Federation of Economic Concern
600 S. Second St - Ste 101
Springfield, IL 62704
217.544.5490 v
217.753.3618 f

Dear Mr. Schaefer:

Enclosed is the completed survey provided by BIFEC. Several of the questions were not answered because I am not aware of the content of the legislation specified. I am more than willing to interview with your endorsement group in a live (over the phone) situation during which the bills could be explained. Then I could give a response.

Here is the reason BIFEC should endorse and support my candidacy.

See my website at www.DAVID-SADLER.org for a more in depth discussion of the issues. These issues will be going up after the kickoff announcement has been made.

My computer consulting business just celebrated 16 years in business. My clients are Fortune 500 icons of American industry and innovation. I think I understand business. For this brief discussion, we can say that business falls essentially into two major categories - domestic and multinational.

Multinational business has loyalty to no country. It will move to the most suitable (profitable) area of the globe irrespective of the needs of the United States and its citizens.

The second major category of business is domestic. This community is pretty much confined to the borders of the US. These businesses may engage in international trade, but they do not pick up and move off-shore or across the border to maximize profits at the expense of American jobs and national security.

Multinational businesses are not to be condemned for trotting the globe in search of maximized profit, but their global economic model should not dictate the domestic business trade policy of the United States. Here’s why.

This is America. We are not new age citizens of the world. We are citizens of the United States. We live here - not over there. Our businesses, homes and families are here - not over there. The business climate of the U.S. must be such that the sovereign U.S. national interests, both domestic and foreign, are serviced by our policies, laws, regulations and treaties.

If American business wishes to be governed and regulated by some confederacy of Canadian, Central and South American states such as the EU (European Union) model, it will get its chance since there is already talk of an AU (American Union) by the year 2005. The global trend is certainly in the direction of currency and economic consolidation. Left unchecked, this consolidation will lead to the dissolution of all sovereign national trade policies in favor of multinational and global trade policies. At this point, the national sovereignty of the United States will be but a memory.

I will fight this attempt to destroy American economic sovereignty. I’m asking BIFEC to join me in this fight and help empower me with the Congressional vote from the 12th CD/IL.

Domestic business can not survive the policies of the ‘New Global Economy’ crowd any more than it can survive the dictates of domestic groups wishing to dictate extremist conditions to business about how it should operate.

American business is being squeezed by environmentalists, regulators, the PC crowd, social engineers, partisan economists, politicians, special interests, competitors with superior political clout, and now, by the Globalists who have no affection for sovereign nation states and their troublesome national laws regulating imports/exports. The recent WTO sanctions against the U.S. is a case in point.

WTO backs EU over corporate tax dispute with US
By Michael Mann in Brussels
Published: January 14 2002 16:26 | Last Updated: January 14 2002 16:30

The World Trade Organization has ruled definitively that a US corporate tax law breaks global trade rules, backing a complaint from the European Union, which called on the US to comply rapidly with the decision.

The appellate body’s findings mark the final ruling in a four-year battle over the US Foreign Sales Corporations act, which the EU argued gives US exporters illegal subsidies worth up to $4bn.

Read the entire article here.
The needs of business can not be put over or under the needs of employees or other sectors of the economy. The problems faced by America are due, in large part, to the in-fighting and tug-of-war fellow American special interests have traditionally engaged in seeking special consideration and privilege over the decades.

But the national business environment has changed. American domestic business must take a higher view of the nation in relationship to the rest of the world. This is no longer about American steel versus American beef, or American coal versus American solar. This is about America versus the world and the growing power of the Globalists to dictate trade policy and economic conditions to everyone - everywhere. If this trend is not stopped and stopped soon, BIFEC can forget about sending out these political candidate surveys because there will no longer be elections, or at the very least, there will no longer be a real choice which nullifies the purpose of elections.

This has gone over 250 words, but I’m not a conformist. If BIFEC wants a conformist, then by all means endorse and support my opponents. But I urge BIFEC to fight along with me for the interests of Americans - all Americans against the tide of stifling conformity and subjugation. I will fight for trade policies that are fair to the American domestic business community that provides jobs for Americans and to the American employees that makes American business run. I will fight to prevent business from being overwhelmed by groups bent upon its destruction, whether though taxation, regulation, legislation, treaty, Presidential fiat or International decree.

This I pledge.

David Sadler
GOP Congressional candidate
12th CD/IL