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Candidate Survey Appendum

Illinois Citizens for Life
by David Sadler

January 21, 2002
January 22, 2002 (web version revised)

Attn: Mr. Ralph Rivera, Legislative Chairman
Illinois Citizens for Life
5019 Fairview Ave
Downers Grove, IL 60515
630.852.5448 v
630.852.5478 f

Dear Mr. Rivera:

Enclosed is the survey you provided along with this attachment explaining my answer to the Right To Life Amendment.

See my website at www.DAVID-SADLER.org for a more in depth discussion of the issues. These issues will be going up after the kickoff announcement has been made. A copy of this letter will be posted soon on the site under ‘surveys’.

As the completed survey will show, I am pro-life and, once elected, will vote pro-life.


If any abortion procedure could and should be prohibited, it should be the partial birth abortion. If I was to call a press conference and demonstrate a partial birth abortion on live puppies or kittens, I would be arrested and sent to jail. I would be branded as the most sick of the sick in our society. Yet, we allow partial birth abortions to continue on human babies because of some technicality in the meaning of the word ‘health’ as it is associated with the mother.

I support the health exemption to allow abortions when the mother’s life is indeed at risk. This exemption must be monitored and documented for compliance to a strict qualification to prevent abortions for convenience. As horrific as the partial birth abortion is, most abortions are just as horrible. However, I will never be convinced that partial birth abortions fall into the 'health of the mother' category.

Abortion is fraught with politics, but when I look at pictures of the victims it is difficult to see the difference between the various procedures. They all look like slaughter. And in the end, this is what abortion really is.

My heart goes out to those women who for whatever reason must go through this. If you have gone through this and need help, I'm sure there are many sources of help out there. Perhaps the readers can email the campaign with sources of pre- and post-abortion counseling.

If you are having trouble with your emotions, do not go to the next link. This site is provided for anyone who doesn't even consider the reality of abortion. These babies are not simply tissue. They are human beings - little ones. This site is very explicit and the viewer must use caution. Children under the age of 17 should not be viewing this material without a parent being with them.    Partial Birth Abortions Research Center

If partial birth abortions can be allowed to take place, I believe Section 2 of the Right to Life Amendment renders the passage of this amendment extremely doubtful and its successful challenge before the current Supreme Court certain. More specifically, the phrase, " at every stage of their biological development including fertilization" will be challenged on the same grounds of ‘health’ to the mother for those women who have been diagnosed to be at risk to their health and possibly their life should a legitimate life-threatening complication occur during their pregnancy.

In addition, the term ‘fertilization’ is the extreme position that will serve to defeat the amendment’s passage and fail to prevent even one abortion for convenience.

I know this is drawing the proverbial gray line, but see the situation we are in. ALL abortions are now legal including the partial birth abortion and the post delivery (live birth) abortion that is performed by placing the delivered baby into a room and leaving it to die. The situation for the unborn can’t get any worse. Being killed for convenience or for research makes little difference to the victim. And the magnitude of the problem is immense.

If we can not prohibit these egregious examples of the disrespect for life, we will not prevail in the Right to Life Amendment endeavor. In my opinion, energy expended towards it will be wasted and will serve to divert us from achieving attainable goals. Let’s stop 1000 abortions of the most obvious kind. Let’s do that. Then we can proceed to stopping those that slice and dice and rip apart and that burn and dissolve the human baby while still in the sanctuary of the womb.

Much more effort should be put towards putting this government and our nation on record as supporting life by creating a social and political atmosphere that brings into national focus the repulsive and totally evil nature of the partial birth and post birth (live birth) abortions and then perhaps we can prohibit them.

I also believe that parental consent should be required at the state level before minors can receive abortions. This is a state matter, but I fully support it and will actively lobby for it.

I am in favor of eliminating all federal funding of abortion for all economic classes and social groups, whether the recipient of the procedure is in the private or government sector and whether the procedure is performed domestically or in some foreign country. This includes any program sponsored by any other governmental entity such as the United Nations.

Brave New World

I am also very concerned about the ‘brave new world’ issues that include, but are not limited to, human organ farming / harvesting, human cloning and genetic research that actually combines the human genome with segments of the genomes of plant and animal life. This has immense implications for human life on this planet, not to mention the possible implications for animal life.

There is potentially much good that can come from genetic research. I support the slow and considered exploration of the human genome for preventative measures, but I fear we will not stop there.

Currently the purity of the human genome is threatened by those seeking fame and fortune in being the first to clone a human and the first to stake a claim on newly patented human life forms.

Entities wish to profit by applying a patent to human life just as Monsanto has patented GE (genetically engineered) grains, which, by itself, has immense ramifications for farming. Human life can not be patented the way grain seed has been. We can not allow that to happen. It gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘slave.’

Now that I have pointed out that I am sensitive to the dangers and risks involved in GM (genetically modified) or GE (genetically engineered) crops, advocates for GM foods will automatically assume I must be totally against them. Well, I'm not, but what has happened to farmers such as Percy Schmeiser is an outright crime.

If GM advocates do not acknowledge the problems demonstrated by the Schmeiser situation, then the advocates are in fact a clear and present threat to individual private farmers. GM advocates who are inconsiderate of the individual farmer's liberty, are threats to the property rights of all of us.

My opposition to that attitude has nothing to do with my support of GM food research and commercialization. And my support of such research and commercialization is not a carte blanche endorsement of every mad-scientist idea that will be hurled upon the world by those with no caution. A scientific culture that considers human head transplants will consider anything.

All this is bad enough. It could be disastrous, but it gets even worse.

Once this fame and fortune race is run and the technology has progressed to the Genome Construction Kit stage, we will be faced with those hacking the human genome much like we have computer hackers today. Some gene hackers will do it for fun, some for challenge and some will be malicious in their motivation. Whatever the motivation, the end result, most probably, will be disastrous and irreversible.

Then there are the applications of genetic-warfare that are already being discussed to target certain ethnic groups or any group distinguished by a common trait in their shared genetic pool. This bio-weapons technique will be used against humans and plants with implications beyond belief. We can not allow this to happen.

We must contemplate this with the greatest of care. This is altering the program for all human life. The mapping of the human genome is like taking a picture of the highest uncharted mountain. Climbing to the top is another matter fraught with lethal risk.


In summary, I do not believe we can stop all abortions for convenience in one fell swoop, but I will dedicate myself to working towards this eventual end by focusing diligently on the most egregious and obvious examples of our inhumanity to man that can appeal to the emotions of the American people -- namely, the partial birth abortion and the post birth abortion.

I will also support ending federal funding of abortions either through subsidy or grant.

I will also encourage the various states to adopt parental consent laws protecting the right of the parent to direct the upbringing of their children.

I will also vote to halt this Frankensteinian mad-dash into hacking the unknown depths of the human genome by entities motivated by fame, economic gain and weapons development at the very probable expense of irreparable damage to the human gene pool.

These things I pledge.

David Sadler
GOP Congressional candidate
12th CD/IL