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August 27-31, 2003
David Sadler For Congress (2002 archive)
12th CD/Illinois

9-11: We have not demanded accountability
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" 24 months later, we are no closer to resolution of the events that transpired ... There is no accountability, there is no "Osama", there are no credible government investigations. The 'evidence' has been removed from sight and concerted efforts have been made over the last two years to wipe their existence from our minds and memories ... We must remember September 11, 2001 was part of a deliberate plan. It was mass murder right before our eyes, and the real terrorists still roam free within America's borders. The REAL terrorists have gotten away with this massacre because we have not demanded accountability. We haven't gotten in their faces and forced them into the spotlight. There has been no justice, no vindication, no day of reckoning. The nation has rolled with the rhetoric and the propaganda, and wallowed in lie after lie after lie. " -- Lisa Guliani --
• 2003.08.28 • The Middle Hour of Our Grief

  News from AztlanaztlanPyramid.gif - 3028 Bytes
Aztlan is the new Hispanic nation being formed along the Mexican / US border. Los Angeles is slated to be the Capital of Aztlan.

Aztlan is the mythical birthplace of the Aztecs and is refers to the seven states of the Southwest, which were ceded to the United States by Mexico in 1848 including California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Texas. Chicano activists have called that treaty illegal and suggested that Latinos will reconquer the land by moving in and taking political power. According to Miguel Perez, mechista of Cal State Northridge, 'The ultimate ideology is the liberation of Aztlán. ... Non-Chicanos would have to be expelled. ... Opposition groups would have to be quashed because you have to keep the power.'

Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, who is running for California Governor, was a member of MEChA (Movimieto Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan). As Miguel Perez describes the 'ultimate ideology' of MEChA, one wonders why the group is not identified as an 'anti-white hate group, dedicated to racial separatism' and as a national security threat to the United States.

In fact, one wonders why the open borders policy advocated by everyone from George Bush to the Libertarians to MEChA and international terrorists everywhere, is not considered to be a national security threat.

Last year (2002), there were more Hispanic births in California than any other race. US citizen property rights along the US/Mexico border are being trappled literally.

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Human path across the IGO ranch.
Photo: Paragon Foundation.
Illegals moving across a ranch
on the Cochise County, Ariz.- Mexican border.
Photo: Donald Barnett, Bisbee, Ariz.

" A Supreme Court decision in 1982 forbade public schools from shutting out any children, regardless of citizenship status, from an education. That means that children of illegal immigrants are entitled to the same educational benefits as American children, without having to share in the cost. " -- Open Borders Destroying America? --
Several US border towns now have city ordinances mandating the official language for all government business in the town to be Spanish. Mayors and police chiefs of Los Angeles are openly supportive of the creation of Aztlan.

But the threat to America's internal security is not on our border. Everybody knows it's across the oceans and on the other side of the world. Ignore the silent invasion of our southwest by groups publicly advocating the occupation and sessession of seven states into a radical Chicano nation.

Looks like California and the rest of the nation, for that matter, is having a national identity crisis. In the California governor recall election, the citizens have been presented a choice by the controlled media.
- ON THE RIGHT: An orgy gang-banging, Nazi war-criminal sympathizer who is controlled lock, stock and barrel by the Rothchild, Bohemian Grove, Bilderberger, Neocon, New World Order crowd, and
- ON THE LEFT: A former member and current sympathizer of hostile ideology to 'Non-Chicanos' who endorses the Hispanic invasion and occupation of seven US southwestern states!

Here's a better choice: Tom McClintock for Governor

Folks, there is no way in the world the USA can avoid armed internal conflict. No possible way, IF we do not change our course 180 degrees. We are the world now, and like the rest of the world, our internal civil society that has prided itself on the peaceful transfer of power at election time is but a mere memory.

The people who have planned America's destruction, and those who are engaged in the destruction of America's freedom, prosperity and culture must realize that once the fire is set, they too will have to escape the flames. The question is, 'Will the smoke obscure the EXIT signs preventing their safe departure?'
• 2003.08.30 •
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    • Fidel Castro Ruz Says US Should Return Aztlan Back to Mexico
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    • California GOP shuns immigration issue: Bush's 'obsession' with Latino vote
    • Middle Eastern illegals find easy entrance into U.S. from Mexico
    • L.A. Mayoral Candidate Won't Deny Support Aztlan
    • Republican Leftism: Beans to Our Borders!
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Peak Oil: The Quest For Oil - Part I
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" Resupply (discovery) is not meeting consumption. Yes, the world is 'running out' of oil in that it is a limited resource and we are using it up. However, there is still a lot of oil left.


Aggravating the situation is that consumption (demand) is growing at a very fast pace while supplies (reserves, discoveries) are shrinking.

This presents a supply and demand problem, which is going to impact the PRICE OF ENERGY. This price increase for energy is going to affect the global economy because the industrialized world runs on energy.

Now its time to do the simple math and think forward. -- David Sadler -- "
• 2003.08.28 • The Quest For Oil - Part I / David Sadler comments on The Daily Reckoning

View from Beirut: Every Arab Country Is In Danger
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The author is correct in his statements of the neocon agenda. The neocons have not kept their agenda secret. It is hidden in plain view on their websites, in their books, magazines and speeches.

We are facing an 'Eyes Wide Shut' situation with regards to the stated agenda and the alliance between the US/UK and Israel.

This is not an agenda of the peoples of these nations. Rather, it is an agenda of those who control these nations. The people of these nations are complicit in that we are allowing this agenda to move forward. We enable this agenda with our tax dollars, our votes and our silence.

Sometimes hearing this from places such as Beirut makes one shudder. I can't disagree with this author on most of his or her article. For some reason, that makes me feel very uncomfortable.

I can say that the author has limited the scope of the neocon motives to a single factor of 'Israeli security.' This ignores two other central motives:
• 1) acquire control of the world oil reserves,
• 2) exploit this moment in history and the global imbalance of power to consolidate global rule.

This is called 'global primacy' by Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book, 'The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives.'
" The issue isn't only about Iraq; Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Kagan, Kristol and others have all sponsored a new strategy, which details I have mentioned in my episodes; the plan starts in Iraq, then moves to Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia and others. All these countries should be destroyed or subjugated to 'ensure Israel's security.' " -- Every Arab Country ... --
• 2003.08.28 • Ayoon wa Azan (Every Arab Country Is In Danger)

A Letter From Schindler-Schiavo’s Father
" In a trial initiated by Michael Schiavo (Terri Schindler-Schiavo’s husband and legal guardian), a verdict was issued by Circuit Court Judge, George W. Greer, on February 11, 2000. Judge Greer granted authorization to stop feeding Terri. Judge Greer’s verdict will cause Terri to die in 10 to 14 days. Terri will die of starvation.

As Terri’s father, I have been designated as spokesperson for the family and more important, as a voice for Terri appealing to you to join us in our efforts to reverse this travesty of justice. We have to save Terri’s life. Essentially, Terri has been sentenced to death. We do not understand how, in a civilized society, Terri’s life was even put on trial. Terri has not committed a felony, or any crime. Terri has not desecrated any commandment of God. Terri has not violated any of society’s laws. Terri’s only culpability is ironic. She has made herself vulnerable because of a $750K medical fund that she acquired via a medical malpractice lawsuit payable to her inheritor when she dies. Terri has no will. The inheritor is her husband. " -- A Letter... --
• 2003.08.28 • A Letter From Schindler-Schiavo’s Father

9-11: Steel Not A Factor in WTC Collapse, NIST engineers
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" Early tests on steel beams from the World Trade Center show they generally met or were stronger than design requirements, ruling them out as a contributing cause of the collapse of the towers, federal investigators said Wednesday. "
" A group of victims' families, the Skyscraper Safety Campaign, had complained that a majority of the beams from the site were quickly shipped off and reprocessed into new steel before it could be tested. "
This is called obstruction of justice.
It happened at Waco, Okahoma City, with TWA 800, and 9-11.

The Waco evidence was bulldozed while it was still smoldering.
The site was bladed to bare dirt.

The Murray Building was demolished with explosives right after the last body was removed.
This was done to save the residents of Oklahoma City 'emotional grief.'
The materials were trucked to a landfill and buried.
The landfill is surrounded by a fence and Wackenhut guards man the only entrance.

TWA 800 was off limits to all independent investigators.
Investigative journalists were arrested for investigating the wreckage.

It goes on and on...
This is what a secretive government can do.
Obstruct justice.
What is to prevent the government from conducting terrorism on its own people?
It can destroy all evidence, prevent independent investigations and frame its critics or enemies for the crime?
" In coming months, NIST will recreate sections of the building's floor trusses, and conduct large-scale fire endurance tests on them to determine how the floors of the towers responded to the twin stresses of impact by a jet plane and a continuing fire. "
This should be interesting, but I would feel better if Mike McNulty (The F.L.I.R. Project) was there to witness and document this recreation.
NIST's Dr. Jack Snell, seemed frustrated with the agency's access to information. The investigation is proceeding under an act of Congress passed last year aimed to use NIST expertise to probe building disasters. " The whole motivation for this law was timely investigations, " said Snell. " We're not doing timely investigations. "
False pretexts, fabricated evidense, obstruction, stonewalling and secrecy is what the administration is all about...
• 2003.08.28 •
    • 9-11
    • Steel Not Seen As Factor in WTC Collapse / National Institute of Standards & Technology
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    • The Red Residue: Obtained by James Sanders
    • The attack against James Sanders
    • Pilot and author charged with stealing TWA 800 wreckage

World deployment: troop shortage: 2 year tours: Can draft be far behind?
" For the first time since the all-volunteer Army began in 1973, significant numbers of U.S. combat soldiers may have to start serving back-to-back overseas tours of up to a year each in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan and South Korea, top Army officers say. " - Army foresees... -
" Shortly before he retired, Army Chief of Staff Eric Shinseki advised that postwar Iraq might require several hundred thousand soldiers and Marines to keep the peace ... But if we were to place several hundred thousand troops in Iraq, the unfortunate truth is that the Army may be stretched too thin elsewhere. Indeed, the man nominated to take his place, Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker, ... said, 'Intuitively, I think we need more people. It's as simple as that.' " - Stretched too thin... -
" In some cases, a person on Individual Ready Reservist status can be called up as many as 10 years after departure from the armed forces, the Pentagon says. " - Recall to duty... -
It will take a while to ramp up the corporate, NWO mercenary military.
Until then, the warmongers need bodies to pull the trigger.
Here's what they will do:
- double tours,
- cancel leaves,
- call up the reserves,
- deploy the remainder of forces,
- activate the Individual Ready Reservist (surprise!)
• 2003.08.27 •
    • Army foresees doubling up tours / 2003.08.26
    • US prepared to send more troops to Iraq if commanders ask for them: Rumsfeld / 2003.08.25
    • Stretched too thin / 2003.08.19
    • Uncle Sam shocks some veterans with recall to duty / 2003.08.03
    • Military Leaders Warn of Shortages / 2003.03.20
    • Military Strapped in Pacific, Europe / 2003.03.20

Corporate Warriors - The rise of the privatized military industry
People will do things for money that they will do for no other reason.
Many are attracted to the military by economic necessity.
But many, in the Age of Peak Oil, are learning that along with military service comes certain combat deployment.
Join today; get shot at tomorrow.
Add to that, the other health risks, such as unsafe vaccinations, depleted uranium munitions, WMD and exposure to other hazardous materials and environments.
Now mix in the Pentagon's lack of support for the troops, both short and long term...
Cuts in combat pay, a decrepit VA Hospital system, denial of health benefits as a result of exposures during war.
The volunteers begin to dry up.
1) reinstate the draft, and
2) expand the use of corporate mercenaries.

Option 2) is where the US is heading.
The day will come when our soldiers in the field will not wear the US flag on their uniforms.
Identifying the world, corporate-mercenary military as belonging to any sovereign state will be old fashioned.
This will be the military of the NWO/OWG (New World Order / One World Government).
The Military Industrial Complex will provide this military.
The world citizen-worker-taxpayer will pay the fee.

In time, even these soldiers will be replaced.
Supplanting them will be genetically engineered clones with no family ties and no national allegiance.
Cloning limitations on the longevity of life will not be a factor.
(Perhaps you might like to rent the movie, Blade Runner.)
They will be trained cradle-to-grave in the art of killing.
They will follow orders without the confusion of law, constitution or spiritual concerns.

President Eisenhower warned us over forty years ago to avoid this.
We did not listen.
Corporate militaries are now upon us, and will grow from this point onward.

-- David Sadler, 20030827 --
" The controversial idea of using for-profit military forces as peacekeepers in war-torn countries is gaining momentum with nations' increasing unwillingness to man such operations and the growing integration of private companies into government military operations around the world ... International military companies now provide skills and services that in the past were to be found only in state-run militaries. A cadre of private firms now market skills from tactical support to commando training to militaries concerns, both state-sponsored and privately funded, from around the world. " - Mercenaries...
" The number of private contract employees being used by the US military in Iraq is nearly 10 times what it was during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. While there were just 10 such firms in this country two decades ago, there are more than 30 today. Many of them are strategically based in northern Virginia, where their lobbyists have ready access to Pentagon officials. " - Corporate Warriors... -
" Lately,... some companies have been using classic, consumer-behavior-altering advertising campaigns -- both in the broadcast and print media and on the Internet -- to persuade opinion influencers, who are the key constituents of decision-makers affecting major military procurements. " - Marketing Weapons... -
• 2003.08.27 •
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    • Marketing Weapons in the New World Order