Growing Earth Discussion
by David Sadler
David Sadler For Congress (2002)
12th CD/Illinois

(Alternative to the Tectonic Plate Theory)

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From Neal Adams page.

The Expanding Earth Theory was proposed by Samuel Carey, founding professor of geology at the University of Tasmania. Neal Adams is a modern proponent of NOT the Expanding Earth theory but the Growing Earth theory.

"There is no subduction. No plates subduct. Subduction is unscientific and untrue ... Earth is growing, not expanding, and therein lies the past-error who's answer lies in physics and not geology." -- Neal Adams, A CHALLENGE TO ALL GEOLOGISTS ON EARTH

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NOTES and QUESTIONS refer to the images below.

  1. It appears that most volcanoes and earthquakes occur along the same global fault lines.
  2. It appears that these global fault lines roughly coincide with ocean rifts when they are up against a land mass but not when they are in open ocean (more or less).

  1. How does the developing Growing Earth theory explain earthquakes and volcanoes occuring where they do?
  2. If earthquakes and volcanoes are associated with ocean rifts, how is the earthquake/volcanic activity explained going north of Australia and surrounding Indonesia? It appears on the ocean rift graphic that there is no rifting in these areas.
  3. It appears that rifting occurs immediately along the western coast of the North American continent. Is this true?
  4. How does the Growing Earth theory explain an article such as this?

    "The ocean floor shifted sideways by 79 feet in the Japanese earthquake in March ... One of the instruments [was] placed almost on top of the epicentre of the Magnitude 9.0 quake, at a station called MYGI. Measurements taken in the week following the earthquake showed that at the MYGI site, the sea floor had moved about 79 feet to the east-southeast since the previous measurement in February. It had also risen about 10 feet."
    Source: Japanese superquake moved ocean floor 79 feet sideways and 10 feet up

    While the Growing Earth theory states that continents always move apart, how does the observation that the ocean floor moved 79 feet to the east-southeast fit with that rule? Did Earth grow? How does the ocean floor move except by expansion due to rifting? Seventy nine feet is a large distance for 'the ocean floor' to move. What moved was the ocean floor beneath the instrument. Did the entire ocean floor move and rise or just the portion on which the instrument was anchored?

Global Ocean Rifts
Ocean Rifting from the Neal Adams page.

Global Volcanoes
Global volcanoes from the Global Volcanism Program page.

IRIS Global Seismic Monitory
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