From the Front Page [2002.06.27]
David Sadler For Congress 12th CD/Illinois


Comments by the candidate, David Sadler, regarding the Supreme Court decision that School Choice vouchers are constitutional. [Read news stories about the (ZELMAN, SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION OF OHIO, etal. v. SIMMONS-HARRIS etal) decision and the actual opinion here.]

This is a good day!

This is a real victory for liberty that strikes at the root of state tyranny over the minds and hearts of our youth. Today we can celebrate, knowing full well the fight is not over.

A new opportunity has burst into view for public school teachers and administrators who are as fed up and frustrated with the government monopoly on education as the public is. These teachers and administrators will establish new private sector schools. They will begin to fulfill their career objectives of actually teaching and preparing America’s youth for rewarding work and responsible citizenship and for independent thinking. What a great day for the good teachers and administrators in America!

Now we can begin to build schools closer to local communities. We can reduce class size and concentrate on students 'doing' good instead of 'feeling' good. Public school teachers and administrators will begin to be held accountable as dissatisfied parents and students begin an exodus from the government social-engineering plantations and head for private sector schools that actually teach reading, writing, math, science, geography, American and world history and civics.

As new schools come on line, parents and students will begin to flee the outrageous social-engineering that has been taking place in our public schools for the last 30 - 40 years. They will seek true education that will allow them to find good jobs and create their own businesses.

It’s the beginning of ‘so-long’ and ‘good riddance’ to the handful of trouble makers empowered by the monopoly to make so much trouble for so many people by suing public schools and school districts. Through this litigation, they have been able to impose their social agendas on everyone forced to attend the schools.

True meaning will now be given to diversity and the search for knowledge as each can begin to think about going their own way and choosing schools that teach and transfer the values each family believes in --- not the values of the state or the unions or the social engineers. And, best of all, the choice of which school to attend is where it should be --- in the hands of parents, guardians and students instead of government bureaucrats and social engineers.

As the legal scholars take time to study the decision, it may be that we will need to fight other battles:
• We must make certain that along with each student’s fair share of the educational tax dollar, federal and state extra-constitutional mandates and rules & regulations do not follow. To allow federal and state requirements to follow the educational tax dollar into the private sector schools would be to defeat the intent of school choice.
• We must make certain that voucher plans drawn up by the states apply to every K-12 student, regardless of income bracket or the quality of the public school the student currently attends.

The time to begin the transformation of American education is today. The challenge has been thrown to the states, counties and towns of America to let the children go from the government controlled school system if those students and their parents so choose. There will be many plans proposed. Some will be better than others. There are challenges ahead, but the opportunity and hope far out distances the challenges.

But today (June 27, 2002) is a good day that brings hope to millions of students trapped in substandard academic environments -- substandard in academics and safety, inconvenient because of distance and intolerable and offensive in many other ways as deemed by the student and parent.

Hope has come to millions of parents and guardians who wish to see their children have a chance at a good life founded upon a real education. Hope has come to hundreds of thousands of teachers and administrators whose professional careers have been shackled by government monopoly regulation, political correctness and union decree. Hope has come to the American education system. Let us not waste this opportunity.

David Sadler