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November 06, 2003
David Sadler For Congress (2002 archive)
12th CD/Illinois


Chicago Tribune and Senator del Valle
encourage illegal immigrants to flood Illinois...
Bill would have the effect of arming terrorists
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As always, my comments below are in white. The Tribune's article is abridged and may be read at the link provided below the extracts and my comments to them.

Illegal immigration is destroying America by costing the taxpayers, stressing our social systems and encouraging the growth of an openly hostile group committed to takeover of the American southwest and making it a separate nation called Aztlan. Any group or individual advocating treating illegals as legals or granting illegals amnesty, are promoting the destruction of the United States.
Extracts from the opinion 'Rules of the road'
Copyright 2003, Chicago Tribune
Published November 3, 2003
David Sadler comments are in white...

Sometime in the next few days the Illinois legislature ... will be asked to allow illegal immigrants who reside in the state to obtain an Illinois driver's license.

Who's asking, and what are their motives for treating criminals as honest, law-abiding citizens and documented guest workers?

This page [the Chicago Tribune] has argued for an ... amnesty program...

The Chicago Tribune wants to be the world. They also want Joe Blow down the street to support people who do not honor, respect and observe our Federal and State laws.

... For its part, the Illinois legislature is not charged with enforcing the nation's borders and it has no real power to do so. But it is charged with protecting the safety of Illinois citizens.

Does Illinois choose which federal laws it will enforce and which it will not? If so, perhaps Illinois should ignore the USA Patriot Act as have over 400 other governmental entities within the US. Perhaps it should also ignore the federally drafted MEPHA laws. Does Illinois enforce its own laws and its own border? Seems I remember a border dispute with Kentucky concerning the Ohio River a few years back. Is helping to document illegal aliens, even as their immigration status is illegal under US law, 'protecting the safety of Illinois citizens?' The law that Illinois needs in regard to illegal aliens is to detain them, report them to the INS, confiscate any vehicle they are driving and fine their employers.

Nearly 500,000 illegal immigrants live in Illinois and 60 percent of them are at least age 16, old enough to drive...

And they are not that hard to find. People in each community know where they are working and where they live. Why are Illinois authorities not reporting these illegal aliens to the INS? Would Illinois authorities report to Federal authorities the whereabouts of a known federal fugitive?

... Many undocumented immigrants are, indeed, driving to work, though they have no license, have passed no driving test and have no insurance...

Why shouldn't they? They illegally entered the country. They work here illegally. Why shouldn't they drive here illegally? The Chicago Tribune's answer is to give them a license. Never does the Tribune advocate treating them like lawbreakers, detain them and report them to the INS!

Illinois authorities will confiscate the property of a legal citizen accused of selling pot, but will they confiscate the vehicle of an illegal alien driving without a license and insurance?

Illinois requires a social security number to obtain a driver's license, thus excluding illegal immigrants. Under a proposal by Sen. Miguel del Valle (D-Chicago), the state would accept the combination of a foreign passport and a birth certificate as proof of identity for obtaining a driver's license.

Proof of identity? How about proof of legal immigration status? This is about being responsible, law-abiding visitors to our nation. Proof of identity is important, but it is not the issue. Legal immigration and visa status is the issue so that the American people can regulate the H1B sponsorship process and the flow of people into the country.

In addition, the applicants will be required to show a valid federal Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to demonstrate that they are eligible to pay taxes. In one of a maze of contradictions in federal immigration law, undocumented workers are barred from obtaining a social security number but they can apply for an ITIN to work and to pay taxes.

Congress should change this law immediately. No illegal alien in the United States should be afforded any legal status whatsoever. They should not be allowed to work. They should be identified, apprehended and deported. Children of illegal aliens who are born in the US should have their citizenship revoked before being deported along with their parents.

So del Valle's bill effectively would extend driving privileges to immigrants who are here illegally but who are likely to be working and contributing to the state's economy.

There is no net contribution to the economy by illegal aliens. There is a net stress upon taxpayer resources, schools, health care facilities and law enforcement.

They would, of course, have to pass a driving test to get a license. They would be required by law to carry auto insurance if they own a car.

Why can we enforce mandatory car insurance but can't enforce our immigration laws?

... Illinois is not being asked to be the pioneer on this. At least nine other states already license undocumented workers, including nearby Michigan and Wisconsin.

Following bad examples of how to manage a society should not be something to which Illinois state government aspires. Illinois should set the proper example, by identifying illegals and reporting them to the INS. Further, Illinois should try, convict and fine illegals caught breaking Illinois driving laws prohibiting driving without a license and insurance. Question: What happens to a legal citizen of this state if they are caught driving without a license and insurance?

In North Carolina some 136,000 licenses have been issued with an ITIN since the beginning of 2002, and an estimated half of those have gone to undocumented immigrants, according to officials with the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

North Carolina has a problem. It is confused as to who it serves - honest and legal citizens or dishonest, illegal border crashers.

... The National Association of Independent Insurers estimates that 13 percent of Illinois drivers are uninsured. More people learning the rules of the road, passing driving tests, getting licenses and buying insurance would be a significant safety benefit to the people of Illinois.

The Tribune is consistantly misguided on this issue. Enforcing immigration laws, identifying and deporting illegal immigrants and fining employers of illegal immigrants would produce a 'significant safety benefit to the people of Illinois.'

If there was reason to believe that granting a driver's license would undermine the nation's efforts in dealing with illegal immigration, that would be reason to oppose this legislation. But a license to drive doesn't 'legalize' undocumented immigrants or grant them any other privileges. They are still subject to deportation if they are arrested by immigration authorities.

Does this mean the Chicago Tribune is advocating that the state of Illinois harbor fugitives from the law, thereby becoming accomplices to a crime subject to deportation 'if they are arrested by immigration authorities.' Where in del Valle's bill does it say Illinois with incarcerate the illegal alien and report his capture to the immigration authorities? Instead, del Valle, supported by the Chicago Tribune, wants to confer privileges upon the illegal alien and send him/her on their merry way. It appears that both del Valle and the Chicago Tribune are engaging in a conspiracy to make it more difficult to identify illegal aliens and bring them to the attention of the INS. What is their motivation? Where is their rational?

There is no indication that granting driver's licenses would attract more illegal immigrants. What lures them to Illinois--one of the largest immigration magnets in the nation--is the likelihood of finding work and the presence of a supportive network of friends and family here.

What lures them to Illinois is a state government that protects and confers privileges upon persons who broke US immigration law and chose to crash our nation's border rather than applying for legal entry and legal work the way honest people from all over the world do each and every day. 'The presence of a supportive network of friends and family [in Illinois]' has grown as a result of Illinois treating illegals like legals. Illinois is a co-conspirator in breaking the intent of the laws, rules and regulations intended to control illegal and unregulated entry into our nation. In this regard, Illinois is encouraging the entry of unknown elements into our nation and is contributing the potential for domestic terrorism.

Yet implementing a system to register and photograph a least a portion of the undocumented population living anonymously in Illinois makes sense. It would erode the market for illegal documents, increase accountability for immigrants who break the law or get into accidents, and provide a more accurate record of who resides here.

We live in a state run by the Chicago Tribune mentality. Simply treat illegals as criminals, which they are, who have broken the law, which they have. Jail them and report them to the INS for deportation. In the meantime, fine their employers. Forget documenting undocumented illegal aliens. Doing this would ENCOURAGE the production of forged documents. This is something partisan papers such as the Chicago Tribune and misguided, special interest legislators, such as del Valle, would do. It is not something a body of law abiding citizens would do as they try to pay the bills and provide for their well-being and safety.

Changes in this country's immigration system are urgently needed. Those changes, however, will have to come from the federal government, not the states.

Wrong! Without the cooperation of the states, illegal immigration will continue unabated. It is in each state's best interest to pass laws now to treat illegal aliens as criminals who have broken US immigration law. It's time some state set the example and Illinois should be it. Illinois Governor, Rod Blagoivich Blahgovich Blagojevich, should sign a law that will punish, not reward, illegal immigration behavior. Doing so will show support for US immigration law and the hard working, law-abiding taxpayers of the state, whether they are citizens or legal, visiting foreign workers.

Del Valle's proposal challenges commonly held opinions about illegal immigration and the jurisdiction of state and federal authorities. Serious debate is likely and warranted. But for state legislators concerned about the best interests of Illinois, the choice should be clear: Requirements for obtaining driver's licenses need to be changed to decrease the number of undocumented workers driving in the state without licenses, driver training or insurance.

The Chicago Tribune is brain dead. To 'decrease the number of undocumented workers driving in the state without licenses, driver training or insurance,' simply treat illegals as criminals, which they are, who have broken the law, which they have. Jail them and report them to the INS for deportation. At the same time, fine their employers.

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