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Here IS How This 2012 U.S. Election IS Going To Go
by David Sadler
Published 2011.12.30

Executive Summary

It's not about Party -- It's about Principle.
It's not about Personality -- It's about Policy.

So here IS how this 2012 election will go.
1) Ron Paul will win the GOP nomination, or
2) Ron Paul will run 3rd party, or
3) Ron Paul supporters will WRITE IN Ron Paul's name during the general election.

Either way, supporters of the Ron Paul policies and principles will not support the status quo simply because there is a party name attached to the candidate. Voting for Establishment candidates (status quo) has brought the American people and the United States to the edge of the cliff. Some of us (Ron Paul supporters) are not going to jump off the cliff. We choose to live free, sovereign and prosperous lives.

The GOP and disenfranchised Democrats, Independents and Libertarians have a choice. Vote for Ron Paul in the primaries and general election or very probably attempt to survive with another four years of what we've been getting for the past twenty years - only worse.

Understand this ... If Ron Paul does not win, it makes no difference who else wins because everyone except Ron Paul will implement the same globalist principles and policies that have been in effect and building for at least the last fifty years in America.

IF you are one of the disenfranchised members of the Republican and Democratic parities and IF you are an Independent that knows that war is not peace; that debt is not wealth; that slavery is not liberty; that ignorance is not understanding; that the current system is not serving you and your interests --- then IT IS TIME TO REGISTER AS A REPUBLICAN for the 2012 elections and CAST YOUR VOTE FOR THE PRINCIPLES AND POLICIES OF RON PAUL by VOTING FOR RON PAUL. No opportunity lasts forever. There is a time to act and that time is now IF you want to get your personal security (economic and liberty) back under your control.

Background ...

The neocons succeeded in their co-opting of the Republican Party and the 'conservative' media. The 'neo-liberals' co-opted the Democrat Party and the 'liberal' media. The Globalists succeeded in co-opting both parties, the media, education and government until the Globalist agenda was uninterrupted by national elections and changes in the party that won control of government.

Republicans, Democrats and Independents who valued constitutional government, a sound economy, a secure nation, excellence in education, accountability at all levels and in all institutions and organizations began to see ALL of these things disappearing. What are some of these 'things?'

Constitutional Government: limited, constitutional government, checks and balances, the Bill of Rights, justice in law enforcement and judicial system, individual liberty without government interference in our daily lives, a secure and valid electoral process (accurate counting and reporting of votes cast)

Sound Economy: strong self-sufficient industrial base, sound money, a true free market and true capitalism

National Security: a sovereign and self-sufficient United States, secure borders and regulated immigration, a non-interventionist foreign policy (per our Founders)

Excellence in Education: teaching not only literacy but creativity, an understanding of constitutional government, self-rule, balance of powers, sovereignty, justice, personal liberty, property rights, inventiveness and principles of personal responsibility and entrepreneurialism

Accountability: accountability in government and the market place

On the Republican Party side, the Limbaughs, Hannities and O'Rilleys began to call any member of the Republican Party a liberal wacko who espoused support of the above policies and principles. At first, such Republican rank and file were insulted, confused and angry that these mainstream (controlled) media personalities had the power to shape the message for ALL Republicans. The same is essentially true on the Democratic side and the 'liberal' mainstream media personalities. Those Democrats too were basically told to shut up and accept the new party line.

So now here we are fifteen to twenty years after this major unification of the globalist message and policy has been in effect. The lock-step adherence to this globalist agenda by both major parties has resulted in a unified agenda being pursued in Washington, D.C. regardless of which party or personality wins the seats of power up for election. And here's where it begins to get dicey for the co-opters.

A critical mass of Americans is beginning to wakeup to the fraud that is being played upon them. More Americans awake to understand this fraud each and every day. So now, the power of the Party label is fading at an incredibly fast pace.

More and more people are taking off their colors, patches and pins and are replacing all those childish things with principles. More and more people are beginning to recognize the cult of personalities (political and media celebrity) and are beginning to replace that with specific policies that support their principles.

This brings us to Ron Paul and the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election. It's not about the Republican Party -- it's about the principles. It's not about Ron Paul as a person -- it's about the policies.

So all of this media propaganda attempting to condition the American people to believe that supporters of Ron Paul's principles and policies are members of a personality cult or 'paulbots' is not only wrong - it's laughable. Paul supporters are way beyond cult-like worship of celebrity personalities and bigoted party memberships. Paul supporters a looking FAR beyond Ron Paul.

It's now very clear to the awakened and awakening Americans that the REAL cult members -- the REAL 'polibots' -- are those sad individuals who believe that only the Republican or Democratic parties can produce the next president of the United States of America.

The REAL political cultists are those people who have drank the Establishment's mainstream status quo koolaid and as a result have adopted the current globalist agenda of perpetual war, the deindustrialization of the western industrialized nations, the destruction of national sovereignty and secure borders, the destruction of national currencies, the destruction of literate populations, the destruction of constitutional liberties and the implementation of controlled police-state societies where personal privacy and dignity are considered acts of terrorism.

So refer to the Executive Summary once again to see how this 2012 election is going to go.

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David Sadler

David Sadler ran for Congress in the 12th Congressional District of Illinois in 2002 as a Republican. The state and national Republican Party suppressed his campaign. He maintains the neocons have hijacked the GOP, but that the neocons do not speak for traditional, liberty-minded conservatives.


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