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David Sadler For Congress (2002)
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An open letter to an Illinois Senatorial prospect
by David Sadler

The letter to Mr. Ron Summers follows this introduction of the subject.

I have come to understand that the parties exist for themselves and those that control them. They have very little to do with promoting different philosophies of government anywhere beyond an illusion of difference meant for public consumption to give the public a false 'choice.'

The myth is that the Republicans promote smaller government. The reality is that both major parties promote big government and the government employees, government contractors and privileged special interests that form the powerbase from which both parties operate.

Most party people earn their living, or some form of income, directly or indirectly from government. Most candidates recruited by the parties, in one way or another, depend upon a government check for their livelihood. These government dependents are much less likely to bite the hands that feed them by reducing the size, scope and jurisdiction of government. This is why, regardless of who is elected and what party dominates at the local, state or federal levels, in general, all pursue the same pro-big government policies. This is why voters who have observed decades of elections and government evolution in action, can make the simple observation that government size, scope and interference in the lives of the public increases regardless of who or what party controls the reins of government.

As a result of this understanding, I have come to realize that cheering for any political party as a matter of faith from some emotional level of hope is totally useless and ineffectual. I have joined those tens of millions who have lost all emotional attachment to any party label. I cling to the Republican label simply because America needs a party that represents a liberty-minded, pro-America, pro-individual, limited government, constitutionally-based political philosophy. The Republican party currently does not represent this, however, the myth that it does is held by hundreds of millions of people. Our job is to try to reform the Republican party so the myth becomes reality.

That's how my political development and maturity has changed my perception and relationship with 'party,' but how has it changed my perception and relationship with individuals?

I no longer view a Republican or a Democrat or any other party label as describing the philosophy of self-government held by the person wearing the label.

People who have made a career of 'government service' are now suspect as to how they view the desirability of limited government and protecting individual freedom from government interference. Regardless of what they might say, these individuals' behavior expresses their true political philosophy.

A person running or considering running for office as a Republican loses any type of grace period I might once have extended on issues, because I have been burned election after election after decade after decade by these Republican politicians who SAY they are for limited government, individual liberties, getting rid of the IRS, a sovereign America, getting rid of the UN and bringing our troops home from their foreign deployments as the global police, as examples. Instead, by watching WHAT THEY DO and HOW THEY VOTE, one can see they they are the exact opposites of how they campaign.

In one on one meetings, in newsletters and in partisan gatherings, they will express the myth in very obscure terms. During questioning, they remain vague and non-commital. But once in office, their true colors shine forth as they follow the marching orders from those who control the parties. Their votes are cast of the system, by the system and for the system, in both parties. Government grows, taxes increase and government regulations and interference in the lives of the people mushroom.

So I have drawn a line between personal relationships and the relationship I have with politicians and aspiring politicians, regardless of whether or not I know them.

I have known Ron Summers for perhaps ten years. He seems to be a nice guy. He likes to shoot, and he has always been ready with a smile and handshake when we meet.

It has come to my attention that Ron is being romanced by the Illinois Republican party to run for state senate against Senator Forby (Democrat).

I don't know Forby. I have no idea how he votes. But I have matured in my political thinking and commitment to my stated philosophy to where I do not favor Summers over Forby simply because I know Summers or because he is considering running as a Republican. In fact, if anything, I now expect something more from Ron because he is considering running as a Republican for state office. I expect him to state in clear and concise terms that can not be misunderstood where he stands on the issues surrounding the concept of limited government, constitutional government, state's rights, personal liberty and a sovereign United States.

In this regard, I have sent Ron Summers an email that I am going to share with my readers. This email concerns the issue of an Illinois Senate bill (SB67) that would issue driver licenses to illegal aliens.

This issue and this bill should be a no-brainer for a 'Republican.' But we live in a time when what's wrong is right and what's right is wrong. President George W. Bush, 'Republican,' loves illegal aliens along with an open and uncontrolled border with Mexico and desires nothing more than to grant amnesty to all the illegals in America for a variety of reasons, all of which are not good for America, Americans or the legal immigrants and visitors to our nation.

So while the party is not going to appreciate this, I am going to report to my readers the response or lack of response received from Mr. Summers regarding my questions to him over the course of his campaign, should he decide to run. We are going to start, however, with this issue even before Mr. Summers has decided whether or not to run. This is a heads-up to him and the Illinois Republican Party that the grassroot conservatives in Illinois are tired of business as usual in Springfield, and if candidates wearing the Republican lapel pin are going to govern the same as Democrats, there is little incentive to vote the Democrats out. In fact, the incentive for conservatives would be to vote the philosophically bankrupt Republicans out so we can rebuild the party with a philosophy along the lines stated above and elsewhere on this site and many good liberty-minded and conservative sites nation-wide. Turning these 'Republicans' out would be a blow only to those 'Republicans' feeding along with the other swine (that's why they call it pork) at the trough of the state public treasury.

David Sadler

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From: David Sadler
To: Ron Summers
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2003 12:37 PM
Subject: Chicago Tribune and Senator del Valle encourage illegal immigrants to flood Illinois


[I'm told] you are considering running for the Senate. Sounds like you have the party's support. Well funded campaigns always have a chance of winning, so you are off to a good start.

Hardly anyone contributed to mine, but then, I was campaigning for change. I mean, if things are fine the way they are, why run in the first place, right?

So if change is the reason you are running, I, and my readers, would be interested in knowing what you would like to change. Obviously, changing the party label of the person sitting in the seat is not reason enough, if the replacement is going to vote essentially the same way as the incumbent.

Take illegal immigrants in Illinois as an issue. Where do you stand on illegal immigrants? Should we treat them like legals and document them, or should we report them to the INS for deportation?

I would be interested to know, who you agree with - the Tribune and del Valle, me or somewhere in between.

Best regards,
David Sadler