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Outside the Box
Oil Wars: Part 2: Occupation

by David Sadler
Published 2003.07.21

Just before Gulf War II… February 17, 2003
" If we go to war [with Iraq], it's not about oil. But the day the war ends, it has everything to do with oil. " -- Larry Goldstein, president of the Petroleum Industry Research Foundation -- (1)

After Gulf War II … June 21, 2003
" It won't be long when you will see Iraqi oil flowing to Haifa [Israel]. "
-- Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Finance Minister -- (2)
- - - Inside the box - - -

The official Gulf War II didn’t take long. The Iraqis didn’t launch a single aircraft to defend themselves. Our high-tech military denied their degraded military the ability to communicate and deprived them of their implements of war.

When our troops moved in, the Iraqis had little choice but to either surrender or remove their uniforms and disappear into the civilian ranks.

Within days of our first attack, the media treated the American TV audience to smiling Iraqis beating Hussein’s image with their shoes. They waved and shouted, " Welcome," as our troops motored past.

Those pictures were misleading. The Iraqi military chose to fight another day. Once the waving was over they would reorganize with a new plan. Since May 1, over 61 U.S. troops have died. More die each day. (3)

And that is where we are now -- faced with a guerrilla war lasting years. Like Vietnam, we aren’t sure who or what we are fighting as we try to hold on to the prize called Iraq.

The war was officially declared over when a milestone, staged media event took place. The toppling of the Hussein statue in central Baghdad, just outside the Palestine Hotel, signaled the symbolic end to the war. By coincidence, the press was headquartered in that hotel, and the U.S. flag Lt. McLaughlin draped over Hussein's face was the same flag that flew over the Pentagon on 9-11. (4)

Image is everything, but things aren’t always as they seem. Image supplies the people with acceptance. Substance supplies rulers with power.

At this point, those opposed to this war seemed like cowards.

The media then quickly diverted the nations’ attention away from the war by switching news coverage to the Laci Peterson murder and the media-hyped SARS crisis. Tens of thousands die of the flu each year while hundreds of thousands die of malaria, but SARS was sold as the new crisis. (5)

Here was the mainstream media’s message. " Move along. Nothing to see here. Forget the war. It’s over. Pay attention to this now. Don't look at the developing Iraqi civilian disaster. Feel sorrow for Laci and scorn for her husband. Worry that SARS might come to your town. "

This media redirection caused the war to slip into the mist of history within days of the initial invasion. The American public has little knowledge of what is happening in Iraq today, much as it has forgotten about our occupation of Afghanistan. But the wars and occupation are just beginning. There are now 230,000 US troops in and around Iraq. More may be on the way. (6)

Out of sight to most Americans was an orgy of elite, special interests scrambling for no-bid contracts worth billions being let to companies connected to the people who initiated the war.

We were led into the war being told Iraq had nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. We were told that Iraq posed a direct and immediate threat to America.

Now high officials in both the US and UK have announced the WMD either doesn't exist or won't be found. A spokesman for the US National Security Council just announced that evidence was forged that supported the nuclear threat mentioned in the President's State of the Union message. (7, 8)

It's fair to ask, " If the reasons we went to war didn't exist in reality, why did we go to war, and why are we still there?" It's also fair to ask, " If we went to war based on lies and forgeries, who is to blame for the unjustified deaths of coalition forces and Iraqi citizens?"

And what about our needs at home? We are running a record federal deficit after being in the black just three years ago. Unemployment is at a near 20 year high. (9) Rumsfeld just announced that we are spending $3.9 billion per month on the occupation. (10) Where are our principles and priorities?

Which ‘official’ Iraq war objectives have we accomplished? Not many.

We replaced the Hussein regime with a U.S. regime. In the process, we vandalized the ancient city of Ur and allowed Iraq’s museums, cultural and natural treasures to be looted by citizens, collectors and soldiers. Many destroyed or stolen clay cuneiform tablets in the museums had yet to be deciphered. (11)

For those who yearned to know what knowledge was lost when the Library at Alexandria burned, the modern day equivalent occurred before our very eyes, on our watch, in the cradle of civilization. Our Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, laughed it off as a joke. (12, 13)

This is the same man who established diplomatic relations with Baghdad in 1983. His diplomacy enabled U.S. sales of WMD (weapons of mass destruction) to Iraq. He is pictured shaking Hussein's hand to seal the deal. Both are smiling. (14)

In the late 1990s, Rumsfeld was a board member to the Swiss-based company ABB. ABB contracted to provide the design and key components for two nuclear reactors sold to North Korea during the Clinton administration. (15) This is the same North Korea the U.S. is now threatening to bomb if the reactors are powered-up. (16)

Like bin Laden, Hussein and the WMD are missing. We can't find anything we officially went to war over.

How are Iraqi women and children fairing under U.S. liberation? The Iraqi government has collapsed. The U.S. departments of State and Defense are fighting over who will rule Iraq. Disease is rampant. Power and fresh water are scarce. Crime is out of control. Unemployment has skyrocketed. Organized resistance to US/UK occupation is growing. Civilian homes are being searched by combat troops. Second Amendment supporters take note. This is how a nation is disarmed that refuses to do so voluntarily.

Last but not least are our soldiers. To support our soldiers, we waved plastic American flags made in China. We were told we could not support our soldiers without supporting the war. Each night, half a million homeless vets sleep on the streets of America. The Supreme Court just refused to hear a case regarding a broken promise of health care for W.W.II and Korean War veterans. (17)

U.S. forces use DU (depleted uranium) ordnance. Now Australian soldiers are exhibiting signs of DU poisoning. Our soldiers will also get sick. Expect denial from the Pentagon, just as it denied Agent Orange sickness and Gulf War Syndrome. (18)

It seems America supports its troops only when they are featured on TV fighting the war. Once the coverage stops, we ignore their needs. Out of sight - out of mind.

- - - Outside the box - - -

" For bureaucratic reasons, we settled on ... weapons of mass destruction [as justification for invading Iraq]. " -- Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense -- (19)

" While ... Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for ... American force ... in the Gulf transcends the ... regime of Saddam Hussein. " -- Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategies, Forces And Resources For A New Century -- (20)

" We will deal with them [Iran, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia] ... It's not going to happen overnight and it won't be defined by a single battle. "
-- American Enterprise Institute -- (21)
The war was never really about liberation or WMD. It’s been about oil, security for Israel and global domination all along. If we can’t meet these goals using subversion and intimidation, we will meet them using force.

We met the strategic mission when we defeated the Iraqi military and secured the Iraqi oil fields and oil ministry office building. Iraq and Iraqi oil are now under direct U.S. control. The Iraqis are blowing up the pipelines, but that is another story. We now own Fort Iraq, Port Iraq and Iraq AFB.

Even as U.S. 'global primacy' ground maneuvers continue, our plan to ‘own’ space and deprive other nations of a strategic foothold there has been drafted. The Strategic Military Plan (SMP) will do in space what the 'imperial geostrategy' is doing on the ground. The SMP reads like a Star Wars novel, but it’s USAF Space Command strategy. The high ground is space and we are preparing to take it. (22, 23)

" [Owning space] will provide war-fighting commanders the ability to rapidly deny, delay, deceive, disrupt, destroy, exploit and neutralize targets in hours/minutes rather than weeks/days. "
-- SMP Extracts --(24)
The monumental significance of these events is overwhelming. We are observing, in our lifetime, a move to dominate the entire planet economically and militarily. We’ve read of these attempts in history books. All who attempted world domination faded from power. Even with our superior technology, the prospects for success seem dim. Ironically, the seed of failure is the very reason we targeted the Middle East in the first place --- Energy…(25)

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