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2013.01.28 9/11 Truth Movement Status - 2013
2011.12.30 Here IS How This 2012 U.S. Election Is Going To Go
2011.04.24 Ron Paul, Before You Run for President In 2012
2007.04.16 Today's Diesel Prices - Lying Bastards
2006.05.18 Border Treason, Border War Part 1: Securing the Border
2006.05.17 Securing Borders Trumps Latest Pentagon Image Release
2006.04.27 Internet Freedom Under US Government Attack
2006.01.05 The Energy Model Must Change
2006.01.01 Neocon Talk Show Host Propagandists
2005.11.25 Modern Warfare Overview
2005.11.15 New World Order Overview
2005.11.09 New Energy Overview
2005.01.17 Iraq WMD Hunt Ended: NO WMD FOUND
2004.12.17 The National Security State, C4, GPS and the Internet
2004.11.27 A Quiet (election) War In the Ukraine
2004.10.25 Elect partisan GRIDLOCK in America in 2004
2004.09.10 Columbia's Sacrifice
2004.08.31 We Told You So
2004.08.18 Formisano's Twilight Zone: Part 2: An Official Announcement of 'Life on Mars' ... in September?
2004.08.10 Formisano's Twilight Zone: Part 1: 'Ammonia by Any Other Name'
2004.07.09 'Fahrenheit 9-11' Review By A Traditional Conservative
2004.03.19 Ignoring Fossils On Mars
2004.03.15 NASA Running Scared: Shooting the Messenger
2003.10.26 If the disc is ours
2003.08.22 Living in the Twilight Zone
2003.08.01 What if there was a domestic coup?
2003.07.21 obx: Oil Wars: Part 2 - Occupation
2003.06.24 My conversation with the ADL
2003.04.03 Make No Mistake: the Iraq War is an elective war of aggression
2003.03.10 obx: Oil Wars: Part 1
2003.02.12 obx: First Light
2002.06.25 Phantoms of Government Provided Security
2002.11.06 Concession

2006.03.19 GOV